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Jumping for joy😆

Because finally, I’ve found a denim skirt that I love oh and it has pockets too.


I’ve really wanted a long denim skirt for ages but it couldn’t be too thick as...

1) it’s too heavy to carry around 😤

2) Not great for hot flushes 🥵

So on Sunday as I stopped by @romanoriginals and found this denim dream was staring me right in the face, I was like an excitable schoolgirl being asked to take the register! Yep I was really was that excited!


It’s sooooo comfortable and you’ll definitely be seeing me in this a lot 9ver the coming months.


I included the last pic as this was me styling out falling off the bench!!!


💜Neens 💪🏼

Top - @trafficpeople (oldie but a big fave of mine)

Pumps - @primark

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