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Where midlife women and beyond are represented through fun and keeping it real

Get to Know Us

Picture it:  Benefit Cosmetics HQ, 21 years ago. That's where Neens and dB first crossed paths. Two passionate women who fly the flag for all the midlife women out there.  They're talking 40plus and beyond. That's their tribe!


Fast forward to April 2019, and they noticed something seriously lacking in the beauty world. Women over a certain age weren't getting the representation they deserved. So, they decided to shake things up and give a voice to all those amazing women, just like themselves! They keep it real and honest always - you'll never find them hiding behind a filter!


They're like a match made in heaven but complete opposites in every other way. That's why their friendship has lasted over twenty years. People always ask how they've managed to stay besties for so long. It's simple, they never argue... but they do shout... a lot! Mainly at each other.


Their duo may be small in numbers, but trust us, they make a lot of noise.


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