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About Us

‘Big Pants’ Neens…split her down the middle like a stick of rock and instead of finding the name of a seaside town you’d see ‘SHOWBIZ’ in big, glittery letters. A veteran of the singing circuit; her singing gigs still draw in the crowds as her personality really does bring the milkshake to any yard. 


She is passionate about bringing awareness and offering help/support and advice on Alzheimer’s after looking after her late, beloved Dad as he battled this terrible disease.  


She loves all things beauty and after nearly 20 years working in cosmetics, is always happy to share her knowledge.  Everything about our Neens sparkles from her love of disco to her warm/funny personality.  She is our human glitter ball! 

Neens Rants and Big Pants

‘Rants’ dB is our writer and wannabe cowgirl.  Give this girl jeans, trainers (or cowboy boots) and anything leopard print and watch her go.  


Known by all as dB (yes, that’s a small d and a capital B – and don’t you dare get that wrong because she totally loses her shit). She swears a lot but knows her audience so don’t let that put you off…we like to think of her as a cross between Scary and Sweary Spice.  


She loves recommending films/tv or just having a rant because yep, she’s the Rants to Neens’ Big Pants and honestly when she’s on one she just gets louder and louder. 


We are very proud of our girl who has just finished her first novel.  At heart she’s still just a girl who tucks her vest into her knickers.

dB girl power.PNG



Like all families, we are opposites in every way and that’s why we have lasted as long as we have.

Our little duo may be small in numbers (but big in noise) has been going strong now for over seventeen years. People often ask what our secret to friendship is... ours is simple... we never argue but we do shout at each other... a lot!  

We figured out long ago that the person who is the loudest is the one who thinks they’re right… But mainly when we’re together there is one winning ingredient… we laugh… at life, at each other, at Neens’ inability to get words of a song correct and at dB for her rants about everything and anything.

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