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A post from the heart 💜

.As you will know if you’ve been following us for a while my dad has Alzheimer’s and I’ve been documenting our journey as a video diary to help dad look back occasionally and to hope that it helps others who are going through this too.

My dad has always been and will continue to be a true hero of mine. This man could cook like a chef, draw fine art, play in bands, build extensions, teach sailing at night school, be a quiz master, party hard, be a LAD, be a wealth of knowledge, but most of all be the best dad in the world to me.

Today my heart breaks, as I have decided to put him in a home and I KNOW it’s for the best I really do and I’m hoping he sees it like that too. Although I’m telling him it’s a holiday place where the older folk go!😉

It may be the end of his “independent” life but it’s the start of a more social one hey?

Being the only thing he has the decision has been down to me and although people tell you “you’re such a good daughter to your dad” trust me - you’ll never feel like you’re doing enough when it comes to looking out for our parents.

I’m sad 😔 but I’m also relieved that there will be less pressure on me and happier/more social times ahead for him.

Wish us luck🤞🏼 Check out “Alzheimer’s” in instagram story highlights to keep updated.

Love to you and yours.

Neens 💜💪🏼

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