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An update on Daddykins December 2020 ⭐️

Thank you to everyone who asks how Dad is doing and sends messages of love and kindness.


Dad has without doubt deteriorated over the last couple of months. He still knows who I am (thankfully) and I dread that day when he forgets.


He’s become a lot quieter as to communicate is simply too much for him and so I tend to talk at him and hope that I get a response but one thing is for sure... I do at this stage still get smiles, a twinkle in his eye, or still a jokey response even if it’s him saying “BOO” when I ask “Are you ok dad as you’re a little quiet today!”


To walk and even get up from a chair is proving difficult for him as he’s body is starting to fail him.


But there’s one thing I do always remember and please try to hold this thought if you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s/dementia... Dad once said to me after I asked him “Does it worry you that you can’t remember as well anymore” Dads response... “Why should I worry, I don’t remember not remembering” and it’s soooo gives me the strength to keep going for him as he doesn’t know or remember what’s going on!!! So please take something from that little “nugget” of a response for yourself and your love one who is suffering.

Dad is content in his armchair in the lounge, hearing the world around him and then BOOM! I step in to annoy him (he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way... trust me!)


I did say to him on Thursday “are you happy Dad” and he simply said “yes because you’re here.”


I am feeling more emotional lately but that’s to be expected as I know the outcome. My only wish is that this stage doesn’t last long for Dad.


Thanks to everyone who loves to here about Daddykins as let me tell you something... through sharing “our journey” it has most definitely helped me cope, deal with and pull the strength I needed at certain times.


💜Neens 💪🏼

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