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Bright and colourful lipsticks for ladies of a certain age💄

Hey all ... it’s me, Neens... not in the pic as that’s my Mum, Helena.


Lots of you message to say... that you couldn’t wear a bright lip. BUT I truly believe it’s one of a few reasons...

A. We get used to wearing the same ol colour we have done for years.

B. You’re using the wrong shade of “red” or “pink” for your skin tone. Some reds have blue undertones!

C) We don’t feel confident wearing a bright lip colour.

Soooo I said to Mum... I need your help to do something for me... I’m going to give you lots of different coloured lipsticks and I’d like you to take a pic and we’ll show them so people can see that a lady in her 70s and beyond can rock colour!

We truly hope this gives you the courage to try some new colours.

I know what you’re thinking... She’s a beauty right and can’t possibly be in her 70s??? Yep I know (here’s hoping my genes hold out!) Mum is 75 this year and is beyond fabulous.


Anyhow... here’s Mums view...

“Being older I tend to play safe with my lipstick by going for light pinks. A New Year so thanks to Nina I thought let’s try something a bit different. This is my first go... It’s the Rouge-Expert click stick in Shade 18 by @byterryofficial. I’m not sure about this one what do you think?”

💜Helena 👍🏼

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