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Christmas Day With This One.

I TOTALLY appreciate how very lucky I am to have been able to see Daddykins on Christmas Day.


I know he doesn’t know it’s Christmas Day or even remember it but I KNOW and these memories are so very precious.

Every year I’ve thought to myself ... will this be our last Christmas together??? You see, that’s thing with Alzheimer’s there’s lots of stages but you don’t know how long each individual sufferers stages last! BUT I do know one thing... I’ve felt incredibly lucky and grateful to have spent these strange times with my Dad. It’s been a winwin situation really... for Me, Dad, the care home and the other residents. It’s amazing how much of an affection I feel for dads fellow home companions.


With the rise of this virus be sure to look out for our older folk and the more vulnerable in this world. A simple smile can makes someone’s day.


Please know that if you’d like tips and trips on dealing with this illness... head to story highlights on Instagram “Alzheimer’s 1 to 11” this is Dads journey from over the last 2 years. It’s funny, loveable, emotional and knowledgeable too.

💜Neens 💪🏼

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