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Menopause and it’s Symptoms!🤯

Seriously how many things does a woman have to go through in her life!


The majority of us endure periods, childbirth, menopause to name the first 3!!! But menopause... WOW! No one told or educated about this bad boy did they?!?!

The brain fog, the achy joints, the hot flushes, the migraines, the night sweats, the confusion, the loss of libido, the vaginal dryness, the dry hair, the dry skin, the redness on your face, the hair loss, the anxiety, the itchy/crawly skin, the vertigo, shall I continue??? Ok I will... lack of sleep, osteoporosis, confusion, depression... ok I shall stop now.


Why were we not taught any of this in Biology?!?! You sometimes feel like you’re going nuts right? Fear not ladies, we’re in it together and I LOVE social media and lots of the people on here who have helped to educate me, so thank you so much.

I was able to talk to my doc today and actually understand the conversation.


My worst symptoms (mainly brain fog, migraines, achy joints) change from week to week... apparently that’s due to a change in oestrogen (hormones) so I’ve decided to give HRT a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?


We need to educate the younger generations to let them know what’s to come as let’s face it... having been chatting to LOTS of you on social media, it’s hit most of us like a menopausal lorry!!!


When I get a migraine it absolutely knocks me for 6. Thanks to the magnesium I’m taking they’re not as frequent but maaaannnn they are debilitating!


Ok ladies... hit me up... what’s your or was your worst symptom.

💜Neens 💪🏼

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