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Alzheimers during Covid

Covid in April 2020...

I truly hope this lightens your heart a little... 💜

I moved my dad into a care home in January due to a rapid decline in his Alzheimer’s 🧠

I’ve been to see my dad pretty much every day since he moved in. However last week, being able to visit Dad was taken out of my hands when the home announced they were not having any visitors due to covid_19 🦠

I’m truly gutted that I’m unable to go and see him and give him a HUGE daily hug. But one thing’s for sure... If I hadn’t have got Dad into a home when I did he would’ve without doubt been a corona virus statistic as he would never have remembered there was a bad virus and no way would he have remembered to not leave the house. Oh and let’s not even mention the lack of washing his hands 🤚🏼🤚🏼 So when I’ve been asked lately... “Are you sad you’re not seeing your Dad” - you bet I am 😔 but more importantly I KNOW he’s safe, well looked after, happy, in good company, making new friends, smiling, eating well, clean, laughing and has NO clue about Covid_19!!! Life is good in my Daddykins world 🥰

This pic was taken today by the Care Home and confirms all the above.

Thank you for giving my dad a better life. 🙏🏼 Take care of you and each other. .

Meanwhile whilst the care home is on lockdown... This didn’t make me shed a tear of joy and happiness at all 😉

Look at that smile 😃

Roger (my dad) is still blissfully unaware of the corona virus whilst in the home and that makes me soooo happy.

Roger said to say HELLO 👋🏼 to you all. .

💜 Neens 💪🏼 and Rog 👍🏼 (aka my Daddykins)

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Hello Roger xx

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