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Music and Memories

One thing I’ll share with you all from time to time is the love for my hero, my dad (Roger) who sadly has Alzheimer’s. 😢

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is to tell them what they want to hear, keep them safe and as happy in their own minds as possible. If you can conquer those 3 things trust me when I say it’s easier to deal with. 💪🏼

Never say to them “you’ve just said that” as it can confuse and frustrate them hence I say again... tell them what they want to hear.

In this day and age there is soooo much help available that sadly people/carers are unaware of. 🤔

For anyone looking after or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s please check out as they have taught me so much and I PROMISE you this isn’t a paid plug as I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form YET. I say yet, because as we grow I will most definitely have their back as they have most definitely had mine, albeit they don’t know that (apart from the email I sent them around 2 years ago saying thanks and hallelujah). Their journey started from when their Mother had Alzheimer’s/Dementia and there was no knowledge available to help them, so they set up My dad is fitted with a tracker and cameras all over the place. He’s safe and loved. Oh and one more thing.... PLAY THEM THEIR OLD FAVOURITE MUSIC tracks as they love to hear them. My dad cries with joy EVERY time he hears “I Believe in You” by @willienelsonofficial.

The radio (you upload their fave tracks) from the site is incredible 📻 it’s old looking and one button!!! If you have any questions on products please shout me for advice as I do have quite a lot for my dad and am more than happy to help you which in turn helps those suffering.

Please take care of each other and those you love. 💜💪🏼


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