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My Daddykins and Alzheimers

If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know I talk about and document Dads Alzheimers journey to raise awareness.


My dad has been slipping away over the last 12years BUT in the last 10months the decline has been rapid. This could be due to the the fact that I moved him into a care home back in January, or the lack of going out and about due to Covid or the disease itself.


I guess I’ll never know. But one thing I do know is that I don’t want my dad to suffer with the latter stages of dementia for long. That may sound harsh but I KNOW he would never want me to see him like that, or for himself to suffer and lose his dignity. I guess unless you’ve experienced it or have seen it first hand you can’t really relate to those words.


Alzheimers is a cruel disease. BUT I truly believe that my dad has no clue how much he’s declining and for that I am so VERY grateful. As he once said to me... “I don’t remember not remembering” and that is just perfect for me to hold on to that thought.


Has anyone else seen a vast decline in their loved ones during this time?


Portrait of Daddykins by @designsbykarina


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