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My thought process.🧠

My dad was always a very carefree, happy go lucky, jack of all trades and clever kinda guy.


I used to love the chats dad and I would have the phone together when I was working away. I always remember one thing in particular that he said that has always stuck... “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal Nina... go and live it”

I don’t know why this has always stayed with me but it has and it’s sooooo true people! We get one crack at life. Soooo... enjoy it, use it wisely, it’s a gift, have fun, do what YOU want to do and FFS be kind along the way.


In the words of this jumper YOU CAN... “Make Your Dreams Happen” but it’s down to YOU it’s not gonna be spoon fed to you unfortunately. So whilst we’re in lockdown and you have some time to ponder, think about YOU and YOUR dreams, what do YOU want to achieve? Instead of thinking it’s unachievable think this instead.... “Less doubt... more clout” if YOU believe it you can achieve it!

I genuinely believe that.


So lovely people... Take it from Roger am Daddykins... “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal” LIVE YOUR LIFE!


I’d love to hear what life advice you’ve been given that’s stuck with you. Pop it in the comments.


Jumper from @shein_gb@sheincurve (last year)

💜Neens 💪🏼

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