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People Surprise Me...

Honestly... people genuinely surprise me in so many ways. The kindness I have received from strangers, long lost friends and colleagues, social media friend and acquaintances has been mind blowing.


So this post is to say a HUGE THANK YOU to each and everyone for you. For your words about mine and dads journey. I KNOW he would be eternally grateful, be loving the attention and enjoy what’s going on... if only he could remember hey? I have showed dad a couple of the interviews and he has said on each occasion “That’s MEEEE”


Once this is all over and we’re out the other side I cannot wait to take dad to a pub and raise a glass to your kindness and encouragement but for now... 🍻 here’s to YOU, yes YOU, for your kindness, love, words of encouragement and in helping Dad and I raise much needed awareness for this disease which in turn helps others to not just know what’s to come but how to handle certain situations with wisdom, knowledge, a smile and technology.



Daddykins (Roger) 👍🏼

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