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Roger aka Daddykins sends his love and Happy Halloween wishes.🎃

To those who have asked or are new here... I am still volunteering in Dads care home 3 days a week. I can’t believe I’ve now been there 6 months! I’m sooooo lucky to be able to do this and recommend anyone who physically can to do it during these times to see their loved ones. Speak to your loved ones care home manager.


Soooo last week we carved Pumpkins at Dads care home. It was wonderful to see the residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia get involved and have some fun. Sure they switched off from time to time BUT they also got involved from time to time too and when they did, the concentration and involvement was wonderful to see and let’s not forget the sense of touch and smell that comes with this activity too. So important to those suffering with the illness.


Dad and I carved a guitar pumpkin obviously!!! 🎸 with his name in it.


Fingers crossed he wins the Pumpkin Carving Champion 2020 at the care home



Rog 👍🏼

Neens 💪🏼

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