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Selling Dad's home to fund his care.

Dads house... SOLD and Completed Today.


It’s such a weird feeling.. part of me is sad that it’s the end of this chapter for Dad but then part of me is relieved that I’ve managed to sell his home and I can’t tell you how perfect the timing is.

In January when Dad moved in to the care home he had ample savings but due to care fees in the UK being around £5K to £6K a month, yep a month... those savings were not far from zero as of yesterday and his next direct debit was due next week. But guess what? The sale completed today and this means that we don’t have to involve social services or be in debt to the care home.


See what I mean now by the timing... someone is seriously looking over me as what with moving Dad in the home in January and then Covid hitting, he was safe. So thank you whoever you are. Sometimes I wonder if it’s his brother as they were both very close.


So the house that we managed to keep him in for so long with technology to help him live as independently as possible with Alzheimer’s is no longer.


But a couple of you sent me messages yesterday to say something along the lines of... “it’s not bricks and mortar that makes memories it’s families”

And you’re right.


Thank you SOOOO much for all your lovely messages of support and strength after seeing my upsetting stories yesterday. dB even messaged to say she couldn’t actually watch as she was a blubbering mess. I ALWAYS said I’d keep this journey as real as possible and I truly hope that some of you are seeing that although some days are really tough there’s an awful lot of fun, love and laughter that can be had with this absolute shitbag of a disease too.


You can follow mine and Dads journey in “Alzheimers 1 to 9 Story Highlights”


A big thank you to Premier Estate Agents and Tyler Law Solicitors for making the sale sovery smooth and easy for me.



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