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Midlife Women and Beyond - Weekender 2024

The Rants and Big Pants Weekender 2024
Neens and dB holding their cups and advertising the dates of their weekender which are 1st to 3rd March at Novotel Stansted Hotel
A poster of Neens and dB

If you are debating whether or not to book tickets for our Weekender… Let us give you a few reasons to click on that link below.

Some mighty, incredible things WILL happen if you attend…

You WILL walk away with a whole bunch (or as many as you want) of new friends.

You WILL feel seen, included and heard… maybe, for the first time in a long while.

You WILL learn something new that actually INTERESTS you.


You MIGHT cry because getting it out is SO much better than holding it in.

You WILL come away feeling empowered, inspired and proud to be a Woman in Midlife & Beyond.

Our Weekenders are designed to give you exactly what you need… A chance to be with like-minded women, who understand not just what you're going through but the power of a great community.

A photo of around 80 women huddled together for a group photo
Most of the 2023 Weekender Sisterhood

Women standing around the fire walk being prepped to walk on fire
The Ice Breaker - Fire walk

We kick off our Weekenders with an icebreaker. But none of that ‘what’s your name and where do you come from’ with us. No…OUR girls in 2023 walked ON FIRE! Ask any of them what it was like, and they will ALL tell you that it was incredible, emotional and the best fun. There is nothing better than a bunch on strangers cheering you on and meaning it.

Saturday is action packed with talks, demo’s, more laughter…covering everything from anxiety to coping with the menopause to dancing for movement, and style. There really is something for everybody.

The night-time brings a lovely dinner ‘party’ with music and dancing (if you want) or you can just have a drink and get to know your new friends better.

Women dancing on the dancefloor with their hands up in the air having a great time
Saturday Night Disco

Our last day is a half day but again, is packed full of more stuff you are interested in.

Did we mention the goodie bags? Yeah, they’re always pretty SPECTACULAR.

So listen, we get it. You’re asking yourself if it will be worth the money? Yes, it will.

You might be thinking ‘can I come alone’…Yes, you can.

Come alone, bring a friend…bring 3 friends if you want.

We also do an easy pay scheme where you can pay in 3 easy installmetns with Paypal.

You are invited to book the early bird ticket for £305 if sharing and that includes...

Two nights accomodation


Lunch on Saturday

Dinner and wine on Saturday night

Ice Breaker

Talks from Experts (menopause, anxiety, relationships, beauty, skincare, fitness (all to TBC and announced)


Live entertainment

Goodie gag

New friends

Get some of that really important ‘ME’ time that we know you need or want.

The event is being held at The Novotel Stansted Airport, Round Coppice Rd, Stansted, Essex, CM24 1SF. This way people can also fly in and parking is free too.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Here's that link...


Here's some of last years sisterhood to tell you what they thought...

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