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The Empathy Museum... WOW!

I honestly am blown away and can’t quite get my head around what’s happened this year!


As most of you are aware I took to volunteering in dads care home back when lockdown first started... why? Because the thought of not seeing him wasn’t an option for me as he’d only moved in January!


Back in August I was approached by The Empathy Museum who said they had heard the story of dad and I and they’d like to put it forward as part of their next exhibition called “From Where I’m Standing” by where each person/storyteller shares their wisdom, kindness, hopes and fears in this unique portrait of life during the pandemic! WOW! Really??? Dad and I would be part of history? Along with Corona Kev??? (Bear in pic 2.. we had to chose an object that reminded of us of this time!)

Hold your horses there Neens!!! You could be BUT there’s many stories being put forward and then NHS England, the Health Foundation and the Arts Council whittle it down!!!

Even so... to be nominated is mind blowing.


Fast forward...

I was only chosen as one of the 34


Due to the current situation they’ve launched a physical outside museum in Brixton (Dalberg Road - see pic 3) and also a podcast for you to listen to the 34 individuals who tell their stories.


I’ve popped the link in our bio if you’d like to have a listen... I talk about growing up with Dad and the treasured memories I have.

If anyone lives near Brixton in London and fancies a stroll I’d love to see the exhibition so please do let me know.

Kindness - it costs nothing. Please be kind.

💜 Neens 💪🏼

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