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I’ll take a P please Bob!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Have you ever really lost it laughing?  Last week, Neens and I lost it so badly we couldn’t speak, couldn’t look at each other….proper lost it over something that really isn’t funny at all. Here's the pic for proof...

So what caused our meltdown?  Well, I won’t bore you with the conversation but long story short, we were trying to remember what the fee is called when you buy a house. 

We just couldn’t think what it was called. We just sat there, staring at each other over FaceTime saying ‘what’s it called?’ Over and over again….well maybe with a few swear words (mainly from me) but it was driving us mad.

“Don’t tell me” she shouted at me

“I don’t know what it is, how am I supposed to tell you?” I countered

“I think it starts with a P” she said

“Shut up….I can’t think.  It’s giving me a pain in my head” I said, which just set her off again.  “Neens, it definitely starts with an ‘O’ I said confidently.

“Really? Are you sure?’  She asked

“Of course, I’m not f*cking sure, I don’t know what it is!” I hollered 

In the end I just couldn’t take it; it really was making my head hurt.  So I googled it and immediately felt a huge wave of relief in seeing the answer.... "STAMP DUTY"  Neens, however, is made of tougher stuff.  So rather than my telling her….we decided to play Hangman and to be fair, she got it in 3 letters.  The pressure was immense.

Neens would always tell you that I have an amazing memory.  That’s not strictly true. I have an obsession with post-it notes and that is pretty much how I remember to do stuff.  I do however have a bizarre gift for remembering names - normally of people I have never met - and although not exactly exhilarating stuff, it’s always made me feel a bit spesh, especially when it came to remembering Neens friends surnames and she couldn't remember them!!!

Recently, I have found myself forgetting words.  It’s driving me batty.  As you know, Neens is the first to hold her hand up and tell you that she has a bad memory. And she does.  Her fear, of course, is centred around her Dad’s Alzheimer’s.  But she has always been the forgetful one and has relied on me to remind her of stuff.  But for me, this is new.  And this is scary.  All joking aside, ask anybody who loves to write what their biggest fear is and I’m pretty confident ‘forgetting words’ is going to rank pretty high.  

Now Neens has been telling me (since our little excursion to the hospital a few weeks back) that I am more than likely perimenopausal and last week I had some bloods taken to see if anything is showing in my hormones to back Dr Neens theory up.  I bloody hope she’s right because if she’s not, I am getting truly worried about what the hell is happening to me.

As we are now in National Lockdown….Neens and I will be doing some joint ‘lives’ and will be picking up again on all things menopausal….well that’s the plan.  Can’t guarantee that either of us will remember to turn up!  Can one of you pop it on a post-it note please?

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