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Swimwear can give you confidence and so can empowering women.

If you’d have said to me 6 months ago “take a photo in your bikini and pop it on your Instagram channel” I have replied “jog on - not a chance” not because I was ashamed but more because I thought Instagram was ALL about ‘the perfect body’

However when dB, Janey and I started Rants and Big Pants we all agreed to ‘KEEP IT REAL’ so here I am, in a bikini, on my Instagram channel without ‘the perfect body’ but it’s my body and I’m keeping it real! 😂💪🏼

Like me - if you have large ‘chesticles’ then you can’t go wrong with a @freyalingerie bikini for full support, uplift, comfort and of course the all important ‘safe’


Bikini by @freyalingerie (gifted) but definitely would have bought. Neens👙💪🏼

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