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This face is the face of “bloody menopause”

Let’s talk about a symptom that is really bothering me...

The changes to my SKIN!!!


My skin feels likes it a lizard that’s gone days without water, sliding through the Sahara in the hottest month of the year!!!


BUT the skin on my face has become soooo dry over the last couple of months and it feels like everything is drooping and sagging. It’s like there’s no plumpness, firmness or elasticity. I’ve started to get redness and also those nasal fold things that people talk about.. (you know the things that are permanently indented just above the outer corners of your mouth leading up to your nostrils and then your cheeks hang over them!!!) Even my smile droops when I’m actually smiling... no seriously though I always had a naturally smiley face but not anymore... it looks sad or that I have one of those resting bitch faces!!! If anyone sees me on a walk... I’m smiling at you, honest.


I shall spare you all the details on my sagging turkey neck and my hair that feels like a packet of kettle chips!!! that’s for another Insta story!!!


Don’t be fooled by my skin in pic No1 as it’s taken in good lighting and I’ve got oil on my skin! Pic 2 - you can see the redness!


Soooo what I’d love to know is... are there any skin care products that you use or vitamins/supplements that you take, that have made your skin better and you can see and feel a noticeable difference?!?!


Send help!


💜Neens 💪🏼

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