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A BIG shout-out to our Mumma's

We are the women we are today thanks to our Mumma’s and so we felt we wanted to give them a BIG SHOUT-OUT😊

dB & Carol 💜🤘🏼...

My mum by dB💜🤘🏼...

If you could be given a Damehood for being organised, my Mum would get it! The woman is a machine. Never a cushion or hair out of place. She comes across sweet but if you wind her up or p*ss her out; she’s one feisty woman. My Mumma is 73 and if I end up looking half as good as her...I’ll be chuffed. I love you Mum 💕

Janey & Glad 💜👌🏼

My Mum in Law by Janey💜👌🏼

She is a one off. A legend. She has been and continues to be THE most wonderful mum to me... and especially since my lovely mum died 17 years ago. She is the most thoughtful, kind and caring parent, grandparent and friend to all and everyone she knows. She still makes me a Christmas cake every year at 95 for goodness sake. And she can still rock snakeskin print as good as anyone!

If I can be half the human she is ... I’d be happy with that.🥂❤️



Neens & Helena 💜💪🏼

My mum by Neens...💜💪🏼 I know everyone says they have the “Best Mum in the world” but I truly believe I do and I’ll tell you why... She’s always there for me. Gives me strength when I doubt myself. Tells me straight. Is also the best Grandmother, and still corrects my English on a daily basis AND in front of my friends too!!!

She truly is an amazing, loving and caring person and at 73 and absolute beauty inside and out too.

I love you Mum ❤️😘💪🏼

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