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BIG Pants no matter what your size!!!

Chubby and Slimmy got out the bath 🛀🏼

Chubby blew off 💨

and Slimmy laughed 😂

Women come in all shapes and sizes but whatever size, you can guarantee us two will always sport a pair of “BIG PANTS” with pride.

After eating all that plant based food at Glass House Retreat let me tell you... it wasn’t just chubby blowing off! Oh noooooo... Mary “Janey” Poppins was trumping more than Trump on a Trumpy day!!!

Are you fans of BIG Pants???

Big Girl Pants - ALWAYS @marksandspencer


Neens (the chubby one) 💪🏼

Janey (the slim one) 👌🏼

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