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Confidence is a funny thing.

Some people have a shit ton of it (Neens), some are quietly confident (Janey) and some occasionally drag some up but generally mask the lack of it with loudness (Yep, that would be me).


On occasions such as this pic you see here, when Neens says she needs a photo of me, at the time, I let her have free will. Now though, now, all I see is a woman who is so uncomfortable in her body, it’s just sad. It’s taken me a long time, but I do have confidence on some levels. For instance, I know I’m a good writer. But I have this thing in me, that I’m going to tackle head on in 2021. It’s called self sabotage.


It is one of my strongest personality traits. If this is you too, then I hope you’ll join me in some really uncomfortable posts. It’s not going to be regimented and fear not, there won’t be homework (although, I do love a spot of homework these days), but if I can build up the courage and we’re not in Tier 4 (because I’ll need Neens next to me!) then we’ll do a ‘live’ and maybe bring along a guest who can help us all. We all know 2020 has been a bit shitty (I’m not making light of it, just think that sums it up generally) but if you feel like you want to make 2021 better for you, then fab, let’s board the bus together .


Dress @prinark £15


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