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Friends of the furry kind

My twin boys are my greatest gifts and my biggest blessings. I went through hell and back, mentally and physically, to get them and I wouldn’t change it for a moment because look what I got?

But in terms of actual gifts…yeah, hands down, that’s my Dolly aka The Dollster.

We were never without a family dog (I think the longest we ever lasted in between was about a year) and I was really aware that I wanted my boys to be brought up with a dog too.

They have a dog at their Dads house (who, I shit you not, looks like Patrick Swayze in Point Break!) and who they both adore…hell, I adore him…he’s a bloody gorgeous brown Labradoodle.

My boys also loved my parents dog Holly Chops until we lost her and we were all left with an empty dog-shaped hole in our hearts.

The day Dolly arrived was the best thing to ever happen to my little gang. I already have half shares in my other Border Daisy but she lives with the bf and so I NEEDED a dog at my house.

Cue sleepless nights, pee/poop mats and endless cuddles. And four years on I have a mini me…stroppy, irrational, loving, feisty and loud.

And if Dolly was human she’d be a cross between Ru’Paul, Melissa McCarthy, Usain Bolt, Steve O from Jackass, and Ms Parton herself.

She won’t come when called, moves like the clappers and doesn’t give two shits. But she’s funny, loveable, loyal and in my down times, my constant companion who I just adore.

I like all animals, I’ve had a few cats in my time who I loved but they’re probably a bit too independent for somebody like me (I need to be needed!) I’ve had everything from fish to rabbits to gerbils to guinea pigs but dogs are my thing.

We should note that I’m mad about Otters and Polar Bears but I’m not sure my neighbours are ready for either of those.

I don’t think words are enough to explain that when you suffer with depression, how having a four-legged is great medicine. I love her zest for life, how’s she’s just a hap-py, hap-py dog…just a happy, happy, happy dog!

If I could change one thing about her it would be this: her random one bark which is so high-pitched it could shatter glass….I have to be honest, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest and never makes me jump…but other people moan about it!

And as I always say about Dolly…she might be an utter bastard but she’s my utter bastard!

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You can’t beat the unconditional love of a dog no matter how unruly they can sometimes be 🐕‍🦺🐾❤️

Rants and Big Pants
Rants and Big Pants

they truly are a mans/womans best friend.

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