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GALantines and VALantines

GALantines & VALantines...

The love of friendships.

So here’s a funny story: last Tuesday, Neens and I had our first ever row! I don’t think that’s bad in nearly 20 years! It didn’t dissolve into fisty-cuffs (she so would have lost that!) and it wasn’t a screaming match but it was our first row! I then proceeded to cry all the way through lunch but that’s a whole different subject and not row related.

And both of our Mums will be super proud of us because although we were arguing as we walked down the street (oh so classy right?) neither of us swore…

I think we shocked ourselves 😂

And here’s some things that reinforce our love for each other.

  1. We never end a conversation without saying ‘I love you’ to each other, we know each other’s darkest (and yeah, they’re pretty dark!) secrets!

  2. ’m a proper scaredy-cat…she makes me braver, makes me do things when I feel I can’t and she doesn’t let me hide away.

  3. I’m funny…she doesn’t laugh half as much as she does when it’s just us…I’m THAT funny!

  4. Neens will be the one to clear ‘the special box’ hidden in my wardrobe (should I topple off my mortal coil) before either my kids or Dad find it…cheers Ears! 😂 And I will deliver a kick-ass-everybody-is-crying eulogy should she topple off of hers.

  5. And shockingly, (although it WASN’T a garden party Boris) we saw each other most days during lockdown as I was alone so much. And she didn’t want me falling into my depression.

  6. Our love is about friendship, the sister from another mister kind, the closer than blood kind because we chose each other. Every. Bloody. Time.

Love doesn’t need to the romantic variety. It just needs to be real.

So cheers to you and your ‘loves’


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