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You are what you eat…

Updated: May 16, 2021

It was my Daddio’s birthday last Monday. The boys and I are going to seehim and my Mum on Sunday so as a treat for him, I popped into our local Pie and Mash shop today. As mentioned in one of my RANTS, I’ve gone gluten free. Not forever or maybe forever…who knows. I took a sensitivity/intolerance test a few weeks back and it came back with LOADS of food I shouldn’t be eating. Gluten was just one of many things that came back as a no-no. As did dairy. Now I know dairy doesn’t like me and apart from milk in my tea, the feeling is pretty much mutual. Over the last few weeks I have tried a few dairy alternatives. They’re gross. Don’t do it! Fortunately for me, soya was out too! It’s the little wins because that stuff turns my stomach. The lactose free milk was the winner. I’m not sure (in my own home) I’ll ever drink anything else although…. it’s bloody expensive compared to a standard carton of the white stuff. Now, whilst I don’t disagree that cutting out foods can do you good, I do feel sceptical about cutting foods out if you don’t know what they do to you or how they make you feel. For instance, I love bread. I just do. But I know that it doesn’t particularly like me, but I don’t know what it is in bread that doesn’t gel with my inners. By cutting out food, which I am doing and am currently on week 3, for 6 weeks I can then re-introduce foods to see what, if any, negative effect it has on me.

Anyway... Back to the Pie and Mash shop. Jeez, it smelt lovely in there. I was salivating at the thought of double mash, pie and liquor. Pie, mash, liquor and a splash of vinegar! Oh, I was tempted. Soooooo tempted but I didn’t cos, you know... I’m gluten free!!! So, what was I doing in there? Well, I decided to treat Daddio to some Jellied Eels. Okay, not going to lie, I’m salivating again! Now I get that Eels are an acquired taste and I’ve lost count of the amount of people who have said to me ‘oh god, you don’t eat eels do you?’ Well, yeah, I bloody do. I am so cut from my Dad’s cloth. We share another food that makes most people go green around the gills. Whelks. Pint of whelks smothered in vinegar and white pepper. Get in! Nowhere on that intolerance test does it say eels, so unless the old man slaps my hand away, I will be sharing the eels. That’s why I got a large portion!

So come on who's with me when it comes to eels and whelks?




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