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All about Janey 👌🏼

Updated: May 13, 2020

The ‘and’ to our Rants and Big Pants is Janey…also known as the Duchess. Not only is she a ‘ladeeeeee’ but is a terrible snob about most things unless she’s had a few too many G & T’s (which is often) then she likes a ‘dirty burger’ and Wotsits…a fact she would deny to the death! Our Janey is a beauty, inside and out. Not argumentative like Neens and dB and likes to ‘bank’ it when somebody pees her off…that bank of hers must be full to brimming with us two around her all the time. Janey is everything Neens and dB will never be…classy, refined and slim. Neither dB nor Neens has ever seen her finish a meal but tells us she is a but often has a pack of Doritos for her ‘supper’ (dinner to everybody else). It should be noted that Janey wouldn’t know a pair of big pants if they slapped her in the face but she is our touch of class. Our very own Mary Poppins is an inspirational gal both in personal and home style. So when you see something arty or cool on our pages…that’ll be her! Describing her in three words: fun, calm and defo not simple.

In our videos we will address both the serious and the ridiculous but we can guarantee one thing; we’ll have a laugh and we sincerely hope you join us on our journey.

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Rants and Big Pants
Rants and Big Pants
07 de jun. de 2020


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