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Proud of our Neens. #alzheimersawareness

I guess you have all seen our lovely Neens this week on the box we call the telly! We are im

mensely proud of her…for not only showing her and Roger’s story but for how much she has helped people along the way…possibly even you…

We receive hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of messages each month, from people who have a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers who are looking for help and advice. And Neens replies to them all. All of them. Offering help, support, suggestions or sometimes, just being the person to listen to them. And despite this taking up a lot of her personal time, the offer to help will not be taken off the table. So here it is again. The journey of Neens and Roger’s story is on our Instagram account. Just tap on 1-10 Alzheimers. Despite our friendship and knowing Roger, their story brings me to tears. I don’t know how she does it…I really don’t.

We spoke literally the minute her interview with This Morning ended on Friday and we were both in tears. She knew I’d be crying but I was surprised to see that she was.

“Why are you crying chick?” I asked

“Because, did you hear at the end, they said hello to everybody at Manor Lodge and I know that will mean so much to them”

Yeah, that’s who she is.


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