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All about dB 🤘🏼

Updated: May 11, 2020

Known by all as dB (yes, that’s a small d and a capital B – and don’t you dare get that wrong because she totally loses her shit) . She is one of those weirdos who is either on time or early and has spent most of the last 16 years waiting on Neens and Janey as they really will be late for their own funerals. The best description of her is one she would give herself….she’s an introverted extrovert. Basically that means that she’s quite shy (not that you would ever know it!) but really loud. She swears a lot. She is our very own cross between Scary and Sweary Spice. And she is the Ranter who just gets louder and louder…just trying to force her opinion and makes no apology for that. We are very proud of our girl who is currently writing her first novel, has her own blog where she covers everything from empowerment to nail varnish. Her other favourite pastime comes from taking the piss out of Neens. It’s not unfair because she’s really, really good at it and Neens is an idiot. She loves country music but really can’t sing and is the worlds worst whistler. She actually is funny. Describing her in three words: fun, loud and not simple.

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