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A dog is not just for Christmas!!!

Unsurprisingly, rescue centres are reporting huge rises in dogs being dumped off at rehoming centres or being re-sold on sites by people who got them during lockdown and now realise they ‘just don’t have the time’ for them.


You’d think years of ‘dogs aren’t just for Christmas’ messages might have echoed in the back of their minds but obviously not.


Although we’ve had Dolly for over three years, I know it’s going to be really hard on her when we get back to normal as she’s had almost a year of being with us each day but I’m lucky as my Mum and Dad are more than happy to have her with them.


I would love these morons to feel some shame but they probably won’t!!! Oh, and to add insult to injury, some people are hoping to sell at a profit as they’ve ‘done the hard bit’ by having them as puppies.... Arseholes!!!


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