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A floaty dress works for me

I can’t get enough of floaty dresses that come in the waist right now. Here’s the reason why...

1️⃣ I’ve put on a little bit of weight.

2️⃣ They look feminine (my mums always telling me to be more classy😂)

3️⃣ They give the appearance of looking slimmer due to hiding a multitude of sins 😉

4️⃣ They’re soooo comfy.

This particular floaty number is from my beloved @shein_gb for £14 yes people I said FOURTEEN pound 🎉

I cannot champion them enough when it comes to variety and pricing oh and they have a plus size range too. Sure, delivery takes a little longer (week to 10days) but what you lose on next day delivery you certainly make up in price.

They accept returns and my other top tip if you use the them is to read the reviews and look at the pics that purchasing customers have written/posted - simply scroll down on the page of the item that you’re looking at.

Have you already shopped with @shein_gb if so let me know your thoughts. 💜💪🏼





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Your dress is lovely xx

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