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A good fitting bra


Having mini boobs, I’ve always gone for the push me up, padded route so when I received this set of new “eye patches” I was curious but dubious. But I love them... so comfy and pretty!! And dare I say, sexy for an old bird 😂👌🏼

Bra and knicker set - Lace Affair by @wacoaleurope .


I always hear people say I’d like bigger boobs and then there’s me wishing for a smaller “set” 😂💪🏼

However when you get your bra fit right you can indeed have a “set” that you like a lot more.

This bra is by @fantasie_lingerie in a 36FF. I LOVE IT ❤️

It’s comfy, it’s lifting, it has pretty straps (trust me, it can be hard to find detailing on straps once beyond a DD) it gives me a waist, I feel safe in it (it’s a thing for big boobed ladies) but most importantly it FITS.

Seriously ladies - get yourself fitted for a bra even if you think you’re wearing the right size because you’ve done so for years - chances are you’re not! 😊



Well if the other two are showing off their fancy underwear then so am I!!! 😉🤘🏼

Imogen by @fantasie_lingerie non-padded full cup bra and full brief knickers are as comfortable as they are pretty.

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