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Covid Keith from Tesco

So Keith turned up last night.


You won’t know Keith but he’s my Tesco delivery man. Keith also delivers to the office sometimes and we always have a nice chat.

Anyhoo, so Keith delivered the shopping last night a couple of hours before Boris did the announcement.

‘Reckon we’re going down into proper lockdown girl’ said Keith

‘Oh mate, I think you’re right’ I replied. ‘I can’t wait till later when all the keyboard warriors get going with how he’s doing it wrong again’

Keith laughed. I laughed. ‘Reckon you’re right’ said Keith.

‘I love how everybody knows so much more than me, because I wouldn’t know where the f*ck to start trying to make 78 million people happy...would you?’ I said

‘Not a bleeding clue girl, not a clue’ said Keith.

And that’s the thing that makes me chuckle. You’ve spent almost a year in one kind of lockdown or another. You think if Labour or the Lib Dem’s were in power they’d do a better job? Twenty quid to a bucket of shit, they wouldn’t have the foggiest either. BUT, and here it is folks...if you think they’re all so bad, corrupt, incompetent, self-serving whatever’s (not saying they aren’t...) you could always run as a candidate for your local council. If you think that the general parties are crap, be independent. Put yourself out there to make the changes you want to see.

Just a suggestion. But I wouldn’t want his job for anything. No thanks. I can barely control the bloody dog!



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