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Do whatever get you through the Tiers!!!

Christmas has most definitely been postponed for those in tier 4 (that’s me) and as much as I, like all of you, am totally gutted, and whether you believe in this virus or not... we have to keep each other safe!!! We’ve done so much until now and the figures show it’s hugely rising so we can’t blow it all now lovely people. I do however total appreciate that mental health is taking its toll on many people and for that alone we need to step up a little more if you’re able to. I feel totally fed up with all of this now... I’m over it... Covid needs to seriously “do one” BUT please, keep yourself safe, reach out and talk!!!

I shall be doing a little more entertaining on down my street and on here... why??? Because YOU guys keep me sane and I totally feel the joy, love and fun we bring each other, that’s why.


Thanks to ALL of you for getting me through this year. I know dB totally feels the same way that I do. So THANK YOU.


Do things that make you smile and give you a little joy, walk, watch a film, bake a cake, have a zoom call, for me do a makeup look!


BIG love and hugs...

💜Neens 💪🏼

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