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Do you Suffer with Constipation?

If the answer is yes then say hello to your new best friend....

Acorus tea


This tea gets all my votes. A rather unpleasant side-effect of being me is that I (and have done since I was about 4 years old) suffer with chronic constipation. Nice eh? I have tried everything. Literally everything. I’m the one person who never gets the two-bob-bits on holiday. On the RARE occasion I do get them...not going to’s magnificent and joyful and freeing and amazing.


I know, I know. I’m both odd and more than a little random. But this I love thee. And it actually tastes nice


The last few years have been worse than ever before so when I discovered this, like any other ‘remedy’ I didn’t have high hopes. But 2 cups a day works a treat. If things aren’t so great...I even have a third cup....just to remind myself that I’m still a rebel!

Purchased on @amazonuk for around £13 (they do a few others that help with periods, help you relax, breastfeeding plus others)

Acorus Tea - £13 @amazonuk

Jumper - @nextofficial

🤘🏼dB 💜

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1 commentaire

Judith Thomalla
Judith Thomalla
30 janv. 2021

Green tea too. 👍

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