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I love sequins soooo much!✨

I own soooo many sequin dresses/jackets/tops/trousers. I’ve collected it over my “gigging years” and I love them all so much.


I would have bought at least 2 sequin outfits this year. One would have been for when I host Gay Pride and the second being Christmas gigs but alas neither have happened this year. So I decided to treat myself to this understated sequin jacket from @tuclothing at @sainsburys

I love that I can wear it with pretty much anything.


So if you want a bit of sparkle in your life, other than me of course 😂 this is a gem of a jacket


Jumpability score 7

Sequin Jacket £35 @tuclothing

Sequin Jeans @simplybeuk (last year)

💜Neens 💪🏼

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