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This thing called Social Media.📱

It’s a funny ol thing this Social Media lark isn’t it.

I love how I’ve made new friends, can educate people, can learn new things, can interact with all walks of life and generally just be myself.

It’s bonkers though isn’t it... your own audience at your finger tips!!! I mean... when I was younger I knew I always wanted to entertain hence becoming a Butlins Redcoat (my university of life), a short-lived Holiday Rep (I came home early as I missed my boyfriend), being a member of a pop group called Krave (we were about before the chocolate brekkie cereal and it was cool to change the first letter to something “unusual” 😂) and then going on to do solo gigs (which I still do now, well once Boris says I’m allowed!). So all in all I’ve always been an entertainer and I love it. To be able to spread joy and lift spirits is something that makes me so very happy.


I remember once a counsellor said to me “to be happy in yourself you should stop concentrating on wanting to make others happy and make yourself happy” I remember coming out of that session feeling very confused and talking to a friend (@helenwright6127) who said she felt the same way as me and that we’d continue to make others happy... soooo I promptly sacked off that bit of advice!!!


However, having an “audience” as that’s what we are, me included when I watch my chosen Instagrammers is just bonkers when you think about it. I used to travel the UK to entertain but now I could do a paid gig from my kitchen if I wanted to... isn’t that just nuts/bonkers/insane but also incredible?!?!


I work my butt off creating content for Instagram and Facebook and I love it but sometimes get a little 😩 when something I’ve worked hours on doesn’t go as good as I thought. It’s human nature though for everyone as when you work hard and don’t get the results you anticipated of course it’s a little disappointing. BUT what’s important is KEEPING IT REAL, being true to yourself and your audience and ultimately doing what makes YOU happy right. All those in favour say “YEAH”


💜Neens 💪🏼

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